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In.blow is the most productive and flexible blow injection system currently available. Its main characteristics are:

  • Compact design: it is possible to have high number of cavities
  • Assemble in a standard injection machine, without special requirements
  • Quick production cycles thanks to fast indexing
  • Optimal cooling to achieve high neck quality
  • IML as optional
  • The international patent protects the concept and the system

In molmasa we are convinced that this new system will define this era.

Project supported by:

Special applications / Innovation


In Molmasa we are especially proud of PRElactia because it is economic and trustworthy.

Twin cool

Specifically talking about a productive, flexible and compact production system of preforms.

Turnkey Projects

In molmasa we know that many of our clients need a custom designed project, which satisfies all the phases of the production process of the packaging, that is needed for every one of their products.

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