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In Molmasa we are especially proud of PRElactia because it is economic and trustworthy. We have managed to achieve very significant savings in material thanks to our improved overmolding process of preform for UHT milk and products which need a barrier to block light.

We develop and patent this lineal overmolding system of preforms barrier to UV in collaboration with one of our partners (Netstal) who designed the machinery.

Since its introduction, PRElactia has been continuously developed. The composition of the raw materials and additives were improved even more to block the light. Thus, the weight of the selected preform of 28gr. for 1 liter was reduced successfully to 24gr. without any negative affect to the light barrier effectiveness.

Special applications / Innovation

Twin cool

Specifically talking about a productive, flexible and compact production system of preforms.

Turnkey Projects

In molmasa we know that many of our clients need a custom designed project, which satisfies all the phases of the production process of the packaging, that is needed for every one of their products.

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